John Gulliver: Calls for a care income as survey launched

Global Women's Strike hold street stall in Kentish Town

Monday, 11th July — By John Gulliver

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Gloria Peters, Kay Chapman & Shoda Rackal from the Global Women’s Strike on Kentish Town High Road

MOTHERS and carers, what do you want?

Armed with leaflets and QR Codes, Global Women’s Strike were running a street stall in Kentish Town Road this week to try and find out.

Gloria Peters, Kay Chapman and Shoda Rackal are taking part in an international survey of needs of women, who still do the lion’s share of family carer work, often without pay.

Ms Rackal told me: “We are letting the community know that we want to hear from all who do caring work, in the home and outside. I’m a Camden mother of four, an unwaged family carer. I was recently involved with other parents trying to save my son’s primary school and to stop air pollution on our roads.

“Women, beginning with mothers, do most of society’s caring work, but we are never asked what we think about how we spend our time, about our relationship with the people who need our care, and about the resources we have or don’t have. This survey aims to address these important issues.”

Ms Peters added: “Caring work is essential to families and the whole society yet we are impoverished for doing this work. Can you think of anything more unjust? We should be getting a care income.

“It would immediately help families towards the cost-of-living disaster and give us more time for our loved ones and communities. It would also encourage men to do more of this work.”

To get in touch and take part email or see the Crossroads Women’s Centre website.

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