It’s sofa, so good! Simpsons mural next to pub lets people take a seat

Old Eagle landlady says artwork has created a stir

Thursday, 14th April — By Megan Dean

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Pub landlord Alison McGrath hops onto the couch


IN the opening titles sequence to The Simpsons, the family’s couch has always played a key role – with a different gag helping to open each show.

Sometimes the family all fall off the end, sometimes Homer and co sink into the cushions.

One time, they realise the sofa has ended up in David Letterman’s talk show and in another opening they blast off into space from their front room.

But now punters at a Camden Town pub can make up their own version, after a street artist painted the Springfield scene on the outside wall.

With a helpfully-placed electrical box part of the artwork at the Old Eagle in Royal College Street, people can clamber onto the couch for the perfect shot.

“I didn’t even clock that it was the Simpsons at first,” said pub landlord Alison McGrath. “I’m not really a fan myself.”

But despite her lack of familiarity with its cartoon inspiration, she said the mural had cheered up the wall and proved popular with tourists and passers-by.


“It’s bright, colourful, and international – as well as generationally friendly,” Ms McGrath said.

“And I don’t know how many photo opportunities have turned into pints.”

It first appeared on the side of the pub in January, and is the work of artist Stephen Gonzalez.

When we contacted him this week, he did not comment but sent back a glowing review of his work.

Ms McGrath said the wall of the venue had been in need of a redesign after its previous painting of an eagle was graffitied.

Plenty of artists have offered to redesign the Old Eagle’s mural over the years, but only Gonzalez, who goes by the name @elvissey_art on Instagram, had followed up on the promise.

He had approached Ms McGrath with a few ideas for the wall, including one she described as a “Road Runner-style canyon” landscape, before she eventually decided on the living room scene from the Simpsons’ Springfield home.


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