It’s not the case that the by-election ward has been neglected by councillors

Thursday, 8th July 2021

• IAN Cohen is a lovely man but I was surprised to see him write “Fortune Green has been ignored by councillors for a generation”, (The need for change is obvious to all, July 1).

I served alongside Flick Rea as a Camden councillor for 24 years, and I scarcely recall a meeting or a week going by without her strongly pressing the needs of Fortune Green.

Similarly I served with Nancy Jirira (now standing again in the by-election) on the council for seven years, and recall her being an equally assiduous representative for the interests of Fortune Green.

Elections prompt people (of all parties) into making sweeping claims. I suspect if Ian reflects further he might agree that most people in Fortune Green would not recognise the assertion that Flick Rea and Nancy Jirira had ignored the area as ward councillors.

Camden Councillor 1990-1994 & 1998-2018
Netherwood Street, NW6

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