Is there a discrimination problem here?

Friday, 26th November 2021


Disability rights campaigner Richard Rieser

• DOES Islington Council have a problem with unlawful discrimination?

“People with disabilities are treated as second-class citizens” said rights campaigner Richard Rieser, (‘It’s not banter – we must end bullying’, November 19).

Who, though, would have thought Islington Council is the very place for this behaviour?

On October 21 the Employment Tribunal decided that Islington unfairly dismissed disabled clerk of works, Thomas Walsh. See: Mr T Walsh v London Borough of Islington: Employment Tribunal decision.

Readers will want to hear more after a hearing in January when the sum of damages is due to be awarded.

In the meantime freedom-of-information requests have been raised with the council trying to find out how widespread is the problem.

In one response the council said 25 complaints of discrimination, harassment and victimisation were made in the five years between 2015 and 2019.

In another response, 10 days earlier, the council refused to provide the information, claiming that it would take more than 85 staff hours to provide the information. See:

Clearly, both statements cannot be true.

Shepherds Hill, N6

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