I hope this pride year forces the glittering fluffy ostriches to lift their heads!

Thursday, 30th June

• ON Saturday millions of LGBTQ folk will be descending again on the capital – more than those who attended the unelected old Queen’s jubilee. There will be peacocks of such diversity, as a friend of Dorothy you’ll be asking, if you are still in Kansas?

Although I was born outside of the closet there was never any option, not with my own particular multiple marginalisations and being somewhat of a firebrand; and being part of a class and culture totally based in revolution I am not a fad, a fetish or a costume.

I cannot be bought because even I know that I am not a commodity for corporate capitalism to throw a rainbow flag over as I don’t believe in vapid performative activism.

I’m too much of a believer in my own autonomy to be in the service of mammon and those at the top that serve this greedy destructive solipsistic demon. I believe in equality and proper distribution of wealth and quality of life for all.

And in the horrible light of that vile incident in Oslo Norway recently and the reversal in America of Roe v Wade – an insult to the very core of the sacred feminine and womanhood in general, we are living in very dangerous times.

The far right and those with insidious intentions are engineering to demolish all our rights and human rights altogether, so I do hope that this pride year forces the glittering fluffy ostriches to lift their heads out of the sand, because it is foolish to build a house on sand.

And I hope they see the feral tide coming in, as they enjoy and get caught up in the buzz of all the fun of the fair and wake up from their purblind states deliberately manufactured to impose servitude and serfdom.

What I really want for all those at this year’s sparkling prodigious gathering is health and safety and a grand awaken­ing out of complacency. Because without it LGBTQ – in a perpetual stupor of laxity I’m afraid – will be an army without any ammunition for what’s coming.

For no one is free until everybody is free. Allies and all! And make 2022 a genuine reason to be proud for future prides to come where we have a time in human herstory/history where haters of all kinds are the small minority.


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