HS2 have shown scant regard for the community

Friday, 13th May

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HS2: Unleashing pollution

• AS you reported on May 5, HS2 Ltd now wants to break its agreement with Camden Council that they would remove all rubble from Euston station by rail.

That is the most environmental way of moving it, but instead, they want to use 25,000 dangerous air-polluting HGVs.

Unleashing this massive number of HGVs full of rubble onto the roads in Camden will inevitably cause more CO2 emissions, accidents, traffic congestion, and road damage, that is, potholes, leaving Camden taxpayers to foot the bill.

But most important are the health and safety issues it presents to Camden’s residents through the further reduction in air quality, which will impact the National Health Service by the increase in asthma sufferers, and add to the high death toll in London caused by unnecessary traffic.

The council has, in the past, given HS2 Ltd too much leeway. HS2 have in return shown scant regard to the sensitivities of the community it has devastated, allowing them to break most of their pledges concerning the environment, noise pollution, and dust levels; but this time Camden must show it is willing to make a stand for residents and protect them from this threatened onslaught, which will inflict even more pain on its already traumatised people. Their suffering is continuous and almost similar to that of living in a war zone.

Camden should liaise with other environmental bodies to prevent HS2 Ltd, from destroying even more of the ecology, in the hope of saving what little is left.

Queen’s Crescent, NW5

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