How lockdown inspired dentist to pick up paints

Holly Lodge art show is roaring success

Friday, 15th April — By Harry Taylor

Simon with art

WHILE the success of a dentist was making headlines at the Grand National at Aintree on Saturday, another was wowing his neighbours with his art in Holly Lodge.

Among the dozens of pieces of work that bedecked the walls of the estate’s community centre in Highgate over the weekend were two by Simon (pictured), who practises in Westminster.

He took up painting in lockdown during 12 weeks while dentists could not open – when, in the words of his wife Lucinda, he had exhausted “baking, redoing the fence and tidying up”.

He takes to his conservatory and paints from photographs – two being exhibited on Friday included David Ferrer’s tennis club in Javea and a train station in Montreal, Canada.

Barbara Wheatley

He said: “I did some abstracts about 20 years ago and I decided to do something different and my wife was nagging me. It’s very good fun.

“I work in a field where it depends so much on rules, for obvious reasons, so it’s nice to be able to be creative.”

Wine and nibbles were on hand for invited guests during Friday night’s preview event, as artists got a chance to see their work on display, and see what others had submitted.

Another one of those showing her art for the first time was former estate manager Barbara Wheatley, who had watercolours up on the walls.

She said: “It’s very strange to have your work up there and you think that everyone will see it differently. It’s wonderful to see what other people are doing and all of their different styles.

“I’m a mix of pride and nerves. You are expressing yourself, really, and everyone will see things differently.”

Unlike others, she said she had a creative block during lockdown which saw others pick up their paint brushes.

Ms Wheatley added: “I just could not do it – I lost all of my creative juices.”

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