How library volunteers got your donations to desperate Ukrainians

'All you can do is what you can, and if it helps even a few hundred people it’s worth it'

Monday, 14th March — By Isabelle Stanley

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Delivery driver Volodya packs up the van

NAPPIES from Camden have crossed the border into Ukraine, thanks to a huge donation drive run by the volunteer-run library in Primrose Hill.

An outpouring of generosity by residents has sent two lorry loads of essential goods – including food, medicine and childcare products – across Europe to the war-stricken country from Camden.

Will Carnochan, the finance manager at the Primrose Hill Commun­ity Library, was shocked by the level of donations.

He said: “We started collecting donations last Tuesday afternoon and by Saturday, we’d dispatched two van loads, and we got a third load off yesterday.

“The first two lots have already made it to Ukraine. We’ve got a good mix of donations, we sort it by type and box it up, the problem is I haven’t mastered labelling the boxes in Ukrainian yet.”

The donations are driven to the border by two volunteers. The drivers are Ukrainian men who have vans and have taken a few days off work to transport the supplies.

At the border they’re transferred to waiting relief volunteers.

Mr Carnochan said: “The things we really want are basic first aid and dried tinned food, baby formula and nappies, feminine hygiene products, batteries, bedding and duvets.”

The trips will continue for as long as the donations keep coming.

The library has never done anything like this before, but Mr Carnochan said: “We just went for it. All you can do is what you can, and if it helps even a few hundred people it’s worth it.”

Donations can be dropped off most days during the library’s opening hours.

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