How businesses can play an active part in the community

Thursday, 25th October 2018

• SPEAKING for the residents, organisations and businesses in Kentish Town on issues contained in the neighbourhood plan is the role of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF).

As Natasha Friend of Camden Giving says businesses as well as residents and local groups can play an active part in creating a cohesive local community, (Businesses told they would benefit from supporting staff to do voluntary work, October 18).

We at KTNF, whose full committee meets four times a year, are actively involved in a number of projects that we believe will be of great interest and benefit to businesses in Kentish Town, including the exciting framework plan for the future development of the Regis Road and Murphy sites which is about to go out for further public consultation.

We welcome business representation on the KTNF committee. We hope that businesses, particularly retail businesses which are a vital part of the Kentish Town community, will offer to join us.

If you are interested please contact us via our website giving the name of your business, its full postal address (so that we can be sure it is in the KTNF area), your name, your position in the business and your contact details.

Chair, Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum

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