Highgate: Green councillor Sian Berry survives doorstep battle

Friday, 4th May 2018 — By Richard Osley

Sian Berry

Sian Berry

SIAN Berry, the only Green councillor in the Town Hall chamber, came top of the polls in Highgate as voters split their choices.

Greens believe half of the people who voted in Highgate gave one of their votes to Cllr Berry.

The ward will continue with one Green and two Labour councillors after Oliver Lewis was also re-elected, despite reports of a leaflet smear campaign directed solely at him. Those letterbox messages did not come from the Greens. Labour’s Anna Wright won the third seat, while her running mate Maddy Raman missed out.

Cllr Berry added: “I would’ve loved to have had a colleague on the council but vote share-wise we are very close to Labour. I think we might have had a second councillor if Labour had not flooded Highgate. They must have been worried about losing one or two of the other seats.”

She added: “This election is such a case for PR: it would mean not distorting everybody’s campaign where some places are ignored and others where literally every councillor in Camden is coming to one ward. Everybody would be fighting for every vote.”






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