Help make London a zero waste city by 2030

Thursday, 8th April 2021

Recycling bins - Malden Road

Recycling bins in Malden Road

• SO we learn that just 30 per cent of London’s local authority collected waste is recycled or composted, (Eco blow: only 26 per cent of rubbish is recycled, March 18).

This is the worst rate in all of England and in Camden it’s at just 25.9 per cent.

Getting to zero waste by 2030 is crucial for making our city healthier and more resilient at the same time as creating new sustainable jobs in London.

We need elected representatives who we can trust and who will commit to taking the urgent action needed for the economy, our society and the environment.

As your London Assembly Member, I will push the mayor to provide leadership to make London a zero waste city by 2030.

Green Party
London Assembly Candidate for Barnet & Camden

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