Hamper appeal: Help us make sure nobody feels forgotten this Christmas

You can make it the best one ever!

Friday, 10th December 2021

Christmas Hamper Appeal

Santa’s helper helps deliver the hampers 

THE cheery music is blaring out of the supermarket tannoy system: Simply, having, a wonderful Christmas time.

If only that was the case for everybody. This week we received a call from a reader of many years who told us that it was impossible the festive time of year to ever be fun again.

Stark words, but she lost her husband of 42 years a couple of months ago and their flat is echoing with loneliness.

We thought she might be helped by being added to our delivery list for a Christmas hamper, but this selfless woman was getting in touch to nominate other people she thought deserved a treat.

That sums up the spirit of Camden – a sharing community which cares for its neighbours, even when people deserve a little treat of their own.


And we saw just how wide that feeling of solidarity stretches during this wretched Covid pandemic when we were driving around and delivering supplies with the CNJ food aid van. It’s for people like the woman who phoned this week – we promised not to use her name – that we run our Christmas appeal.

It’s a simple premise: We raise as much money as possible, and then use the funds to send out the hampers to the elderly stuck on their own, or families going through particular hardship. It’s not going to solve all of the problems we all face, particularly during a global pandemic.

But it’s a measure to show that this is a place where nobody should be forgotten; we can’t enjoy the party, if we know somebody else has been frozen out through no fault of their own. The pandemic has exposed the dangers of isolation. Lockdowns are tough in overcrowded homes; they are also tough when you only have yourself for company and memories of Christmas past.

We know this is a hard time financially for many of us, and we would not ask if we did not feel our appeal was such an important part of what we do as a newspaper.

This is why we ask readers to help us once more. Every penny you give will go towards the deliveries in the final days before Christmas and helping community action groups who have tried to help those most in need.

We will make sure everybody who helps us gets a mention in our printed newspaper and online, so if you have thought of a good fund-raising idea to help us – please call the newsdesk as soon as possible.

Then we will send our own Santa out on their sleigh, hopefully packed with more hampers than ever before. We can only do it with your help and are so very grateful for everybody who takes part.

In recent weeks, we have had a few technical difficulties with our donation link online but please try again to register your contribution.

l Remember, the annual Hamper quiz is due to take place at the Sheephaven Bay pub in Camden Town on Monday evening – December 13. Test your general knowledge there, while helping our appeal. Quiz show brainbox Shaun Wallace from The Chase is due to make a guest appearance. Arrive early to ensure you get a table, or book with the pub.

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