Getir driver worries after firm says he won't get full pay after being stabbed

Delivery firm U-turns over decision to pay driver full pay while he recovers

Friday, 17th June — By Harry Taylor

Raymond Johnson 3

Raymond Johnson was stabbed in Primrose Hill in May

A DELIVERY driver who was stabbed in Primrose Hill while working for a grocery delivery firm fears he will be unable to pay his bills after learning he will not be paid his full salary while he recovered.

Raymond Johnson was working for Getir, when he was stabbed in Regent’s Park Road by two men wearing balaclavas trying to steal his electric bike last month.

He was taken to hospital where he had stitches to the wound on his hand.

Getir had said it would pay his full salary until he recovers when the New Journal ran the story – and Mr Johnson has a doctor’s note saying he should not return to work until August 18.

But in a recent pay packet it was reduced to 20 hours per week, and he has now been told that he will only be getting statutory sick pay (SSP) of £99.35 a week.

The 48-year-old said: “I’m not going to be able to pay my bills now. I’m really worried. I need to have scar revision treatment, that was going to cost money that I won’t be able to afford either. I can’t even afford to speak to solicitors. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“I was shocked, absolutely shocked. They have changed their story, there was no indication they would do this at all. I can’t pay my bills, I can’t pay my way in life. I’ve always worked, it was a struggle before this without this on top.”

The delivery start-up private-venture capital firm was valued at £8billion earlier this year.

Getir is one of the few courier firms that says it considers workers as employees and pays a full-time wage, rather than hiring staff on a casual basis.

It had told the New Journal: “As an employee of Getir he continues to be fully paid as he recovers from his injuries. We will continue to ensure that he receives the necessary support and assistance as he makes a full recovery.”

Mr Johnson said: “This is exactly what I worried would happen. I didn’t ask to go to work and for this to happen, they should be doing what they said.”

Alex Marshall, the president of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain, which represents couriers, said: “Companies like Getir boast of moving away from the hyper-exploitative business models of Deliveroo and UberEats that misclassify workers as self-employed in order to strip them of their basic rights.

“But stories like this show that the newer generation of ultra-fast delivery companies are just as happy to treat their workers as disposable, denying them the adequate sick pay and financial support they need to support themselves while recovering from the injuries and assaults that happen all too often at work.

“Sadly, we hear stories of workplace violence like this all the time from delivery workers and across the gig economy. Both couriers and private hire drivers are particularly susceptible to vehicle theft and street harassment.

“Until we see workers given full sick pay and the proactive safety measures and support they desperately need, we are sure to see stories like this time and time again.”

A Getir spokesperson said: “In line with Getir’s values of being a good and fair company, we will do right by Raymond throughout his recovery and are continuing to support him.

“Raymond’s employment benefits are a private matter; as a business, we do not disclose personal information on employees past or present.”

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