FPTP is outdated and unjust

Thursday, 30th June


FPTP: ‘Amazingly unjust and outdated’

• THANKS CNJ for publishing so many responses on one of the most crucial issues of our time, electoral reform.

Martin Plaut, in his latest defence of our current FPTP first-past-the-post system (Main parties are already coalitions, June 23), fails to address any of the very serious points made by many other of your readers who have explained how amazingly unjust and outdated FPTP is.

I can only assume that Mr Plaut spurns the views of the huge majority of Labour Party members who support an end to FPTP and is content to see the Tories retain an electoral advantage for the foreseeable future.

The world’s weather is getting alarmingly unpredictable and violent. A billion animals perished in a single recent wildfire in Australia.

We have reached several environmental tipping points which may result in much of the planet becoming uninhabitable.

Yet FPTP means that, in Britain out of 650 MPs, only one MP represents the Green Party, the only party advocating measures that could haul us back from the brink.

Woodsome Road, NW5

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