For a by-election local issues matter

Thursday, 23rd June

• AS an ex-Labour voter and presently disenfranchised, I agree to some extent with Linda Chung, (Conservatives should be ashamed, June 16).

There is certainly a huge embarrassment our local Tories are enduring with regard to Boris Johnson.

Would Hampstead want to be associated with Tory values she asks. Certainly not, since Hampstead is well padded with champagne socialists who will generously support an open door to homes that are not theirs and they therefore do not have to share.

With their homes and second homes safe from invasions, they can virtue signal while voting away what’s left of the meagre housing stock for the less well off to share.

Ms Chung relies heavily on an anti-Tory vote for Hampstead. She brings in the wider concerns we all have for refugees.

How we are to manage this in 2022 with a very different situation from that of 1945 is still to be thought through globally.

It is, I admit, difficult to dissociate local politics from the rest of country. But what I understand we are aiming for in these local by-elections is to take back the hold that our totalitarian Labour council has on the borough.

Here we need to observe the work that our councillors have carried out on our behalf and place that at the forefront when we vote. Put your own home in order and all else will fall in place.

So I believe it is imperative that a Labour candidate is not elected for Hampstead so that we have some chance of a more representative council than the one we have had for some time.

Pitting Liberal Democrats against Tories is not the best approach. In local elections we should consider who has done what for us locally.

To my surprise, I found the local Tories very supportive in my previous ward of Swiss Cottage (ward boundary now changed) when fighting for 12 years (and ongoing) the misplaced planning permission their national government minister eventually gave to Essential Living to build a monstrous tower block at 100 Avenue Road. The Tories got it right locally.


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