Folks, we’re here to repossess your shed!

Council says it notified users

Monday, 25th July — By Frankie Lister-Fell


The row of sheds in Swiss Cottage

RESIDENTS on a Swiss Cottage council estate say they are upset after the Town Hall told them to clear out their sheds with one day’s notice.

Nik Masters, who has been living in Campden House for 25 years, said on Wednesday contractors appeared with crowbars and drills to open them up and change the locks.

“Our representatives are not representing us. There are people who have been away who won’t have seen the notice,” he said.

When Mr Masters first moved into his flat, a shed was included in the rent, but about 15 years ago Town Hall started charging residents around £3 a week for the use of the shed.

Nik Masters at Campden House

Mr Masters said the system is chaotic, adding: “Even the council doesn’t know who has been allocated a shed and when and there are previous residents and outsiders who also use the sheds.”

Another resident, Elaine Wilkins, said she uses a shed because there is no storage space in the flat at all.

“It’s not about the money,” she said. “It’s the emotional cost. “They should put letters through everyone’s door at least or give us a chance by phoning us up to resolve the matter.”

A council spokes­person said: “In April 2022, the council carried out a review of the sheds at Campden House to check which were still in use and which could be rented out to tenants on the waiting list.

“If any residents have any queries or questions relating to the renting of these sheds, we urge them to contact the council by calling 020 7974 4444 and asking for the Parking and Letting teams.”

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