Flash floods: Appeal for volunteers to help mop out church

Storm damages nave

Tuesday, 13th July 2021


The park in nearby Primrose Hill was drenched

A CHURCH in Primrose Hill has appealed for volunteers to help mop out water from the building after  yesterday’s (Wednesday)’s flash flood.

In appeal to parishioners, Father William Gulliford at St Mark’s Church said: “If you are not flooded yourselves, please might you come to our rescue? If you are able to bring a mop and bucket that would be all the better. If not we have spare. Please help if you can and arrive when you can in the morning [Tuesday].

He added: “The extraordinary storm was too much for the north aisle’s valley hopper. There is a considerable flood in the nave, and a very soggy Lady Chapel carpet. The reredos is untouched.”

He added: “If you were able to be part of the effort to dry out the church, you would be most welcome. It is very much the case of all hands to the pump. It is too early to assess damage, but the piano and organs are safe, and the All Saints’ Chapel and high Altar are unaffected.”

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