Firefighters in rooftop rescue to save squawking seagull from spikes

Wildfire teams say it is better to use 'conical cowls' to protect chimneys

Friday, 13th August 2021 — By Tom Foot

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Squad goals: The team save the bird from a painful death

FIREFIGHTERS rescued a seagull trapped in spikes on top of a house.

The squawking bird was saved by the red watch team at Kentish Town Station with the aid of a cherry picker. Some home-owners use spikes on chimneys to stop pigeons and seagulls falling in or making nests there.

But they can cause a slow and painful death for our feathered friends.

Out comes the cherry picker

The New Journal comes in use again!

Catia Barbosa from London Wildlife Protection, who was at the rescue in Glenmore Road last week, said: “Conical cowls are a good alternative to these dangerous spikes.”

The rooftop spikes that can harm birds

In July 2020, the New Journal reported how firefighters had worked to free a similar seagull from chimney spikes in the same road.

The RSPCA says cowls are the best option to prevent birds going down a chimney. It is against the law to emit smoke from a chimney in London.

London Wildlife Protection is on the lookout for volunteers.

For more info contact or see its Facebook page.

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