Financial plan for HS2 demolition has ‘major risks', says report on high-speed rail project

Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Homes and public land around the Euston area will make way for high-speed trains under the HS2 project

Published: 16 May, 2012

A REPORT exposing the High Speed 2 demolition plan as financially unsound is being withheld from the public by Department of Transport bosses. 

The Major Projects Authority (MPA) gave HS2 the second worst possible rating – amber/red – and stated its economic base was “in doubt”, had “major risks in a number of key areas” and that “urgent action is needed to ensure whether resolution is feasible”.

The rating was revealed when Margaret Hodge MP, chairwoman of the Public Accounts Committee, quizzed Department of Transport (DfT) officials in a meeting in the House of Commons on April 18.

Stop HS2 Campaign Co-ordinator Joe Rukin said: “There is only one credible thing to do right now, and that is release the report and see the warts-and-all appraisal from the MPA.”

The government has banned the report from being available through Freedom of Information requests for at least two years.

The HS2 Birmingham to Euston trainline will mean hundreds of homes and public land being bulldozered and a site the size of 17 football pitches being made available to developers around Euston and Regent’s Park.

A DfT spokesperson said: "All major projects are reviewed at every stage of their development to ensure that they are delivered as efficiently as possible and provide the best possible value for taxpayers' money. This regular analysis will be used to improve delivery of HS2, a vital infrastructure project which will provide the rail capacity our network needs for the future."

Meanwhile, Camden Council has launched a petition against the £33billion scheme.

To sign the petition or find out more about HS2 visit 

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