Every week they’re closing roads…

Friday, 26th February

• NEARLY every week now Camden Council, Transport for London and London mayor Sadiq Khan close our side roads to motor vehicles.

Yet cyclists can go anywhere, even down one-way streets in the opposite direction to vehicles without cycle lanes.

Cyclists are now gradually taking over London which Sadiq Khan wants them to. We are constantly being told to walk or cycle and shop locally.

That’s fine if you can afford to. And our high street hasn’t got the best selection of shops. Walking and cycling is fine if you can and don’t want to go anywhere but where you live.

They have now made our main streets one lane each way, put bus stops in the middle of roads causing even more congestion and making it even more difficult for emergency vehicles.

Considering cyclists and those using illegal scooters can do anything they like – they don’t have to pay road tax or insurance whereas motorists pay to use the roads are penalised for everything, parking, congestion charge and low emission – what else will they think of to make it more difficult to get around London?

Redhill Street, NW1

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