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Tuesday, 11th January



IN November 2019, Camden Council formally declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

They committed to do everything they could to make Camden net zero carbon by 2030. Active Travel (walking, cycling and scooting) is a key way to help make this happen.

It has environmental, health and economic benefits, it reduces emissions, helps to tackle climate change and improves air quality.

Currently, transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases, producing 27 per cent of the UK’s total emissions in 2019.

There has been a 70 per cent increase in motor traffic on local roads over the past 10 years.

If infrastructure was improved and people switched to cycling, over three million car journeys could be prevented in London each day. Camden’s transport policy sets some good targets to help people make the switch to cycling and some of these have been met early, but these need to be further accelerated.

The creation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, which currently cover 28 per cent of Camden, and the introduction of more safe cycling routes has helped.

But we are not yet at the point where anyone who wants to cycle or scoot in Camden can do so safely and comfortably. And many people have no secure place to keep their cycles.

IN 10 YEARS our vision is that… Camden’s cycle network will be complete. Everybody in Camden will live within 200 metres of a link in a connected cycle network consisting of protected cycle routes on main roads and signed secondary routes on roads without through traffic. These routes will link to similar routes in neighbouring boroughs.

Most of Camden’s residents will live within Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods where people can walk, cycle and scoot safely and comfortably and children can safely visit friends and play out.

Most deliveries will be by electric or human-powered vehicles and zero-emission vehicles will be used for access by those who need it.

Most children will walk, cycle or scoot to school and will use public transport for longer journeys.

Private vehicles will be zero-carbon and reserved for those who cannot use active travel or public transport. More and more people will realise that they do not need a private car.

Street space released by removal of unneeded parking will be used for play areas, mini-parks and cycle storage.

Cargo bikes will be available on every street for rent for short trips needing more capacity than a personal cycle. Air quality will be improving fast.

In 15 YEARS, our vision is that… All public transport will be zero-carbon.

All of Camden’s residents will live within Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods. T

he proportion of Camden residents with access to private transport will be down to 20 per cent. There will be space for all who need it to store their cycles.

In 20 YEARS, our vision is that… All the above will be bedded in and taken for granted. We will no longer be discussing the issues except as a historic footnote into how we allowed private motorised transport to dominate our towns for so many decades.

John Chamberlain is the chair of the Camden Cycling Campaign

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