Don’t worry, Ritchie Street Group Practice will still be here

Friday, 19th October 2018

• CAN you please clarify to readers that Ritchie Street Group Practice (located at the same site as the walk-in centre) is not closing and continues to register patients, (Future of Angel walk-in doctors’ service in doubt, October 5).

Unfortunately, your article has caused some confusion with some patients registered with us thinking the whole site is shutting and not realising that this is a separate service.

Ritchie Street Group Practice has a registered list size of 17,000 patients and would prefer that patients do not panic by thinking we are closing and that they need to find alternative GP services elsewhere.

I would also like to clarify that patients using the walk-in centre service come from all over England, including the north of the borough, and that it is a very popular service for residents.

Business practice manager,
Ritchie Street Group Practice and Angel Medical Services
Ritchie Street, N1

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