Disabled demo halts the traffic in King's Cross

Conservative government pushes ahead with changes

Friday, 1st October 2021 — By Tom Foot


Demonstrators block the road outside King’s Cross station [All photos: Simon Lamrock]

DISABLED rights campaigners banged drums and blew whistles as they blocked King’s Cross in a protest against benefit cuts.

Organisers Disabled People Against Cuts were protesting on Tuesday against the removal of a £20 “uplift” to Universal Credit payments introduced during the Covid pandemic.

The demonstrators in Euston Road said the government had “brutalised” vulnerable people over the past decade leaving many forced to choose between food and heat.

Disability activist Paula Peters said: “We are highlighting devastating cuts that are due to come into effect a few days from now.”

She added that restrictions on who can access Universal Credit meant many could not receive the uplift and this left shielding disabled people having to “make stark choices between eating and heating”.

In Camden, there was a 183 per cent increase in Universal Credit claims after the Covid crisis began.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps told the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday: “We can’t keep all these things in place otherwise you’d have to put several pennies on income tax to pay for the policy to run.”


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