Dan Carrier’s movies news: The Dirty War on the NHS

Thursday, 28th November 2019 — By Dan Carrier

John Pilger

Journalist John Pilger

IT’S like trusting a hungry python with a hamster, as former Conservative prime minster John Major said of letting the current Tory cartel have another five years overseeing our NHS.

And the threat our most cherished of institutions faces is laid bare in a timely and thoroughly researched documentary by journalist John Pilger.

In The Dirty War on the NHS, Pilger considers the history of the NHS, the world’s first universal healthcare service that is free at the point of use.

He illustrates what lies in store for this globally-revered institution if the free market, Tory Party right-wingers get their way.

It’s a future of healthcare designed to provide their friends with profits, not provide help to those who are unwell.

The system designed to give us all “Freedom from Fear” is being attacked from all sides.

Cuts in investment, stripping out training bursaries for nurses, making junior doctors work long, unsafe hours, not recruiting new staff, closing down A&Es, slashing GP services, increased waiting times – all as a result of applying the free market dogma where it does not belong.

With the UK seeking trade deals with the USA, there is now the added threat of American healthcare firms greedily eyeing up our NHS.

Filmed in the UK and the United States, Pilger shows why we must fight, fight, fight to save our NHS – and see off the racketeers who don’t care what happens to our healthcare as long as their bank balances get even fatter.

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