‘Cyclist left in hospital’ after collision on diversion route

Police try to piece together sequence of events in Delancey Street

Thursday, 23rd June — By Tom Foot

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The scene in Delancey Street

A CYCLIST was rushed to hospital yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) following a serious collision on a diversion route through Camden Town.

The street was closed at the junction of Delancey Street and Arlington Road where roadworks are currently blocking a cycle lane – around 3.45pm.

The narrow crossroads has been tightened due to “emergency electrical works” and large red “cyclist diversion” signs are pointing riders around a small worksite.

Motorcyclist Alphonsus Gerard Stevens was killed in a collision at the exact spot in 2008, one in a series of accidents there.

A witness to yesterday’s incident, who did not want to be named but was driving just behind, said a male cyclist had been hurt as he rode south down from Arlington Road into Delancey Street, adding: “He was breathing but it looked bad, I hope he’s all right.”

Officers were trying to piece together the full circumstances as we went to press last night.

In 2017 Camden was proposing creating a segregated cycle lane in Delancey Street but this plan was scaled back after a consultation.

A truck that had tried to mount the kerb to get around the crash site was not involved in the collision.

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