Come on Natasha! Kentish Town florist wows X-Factor judges

Natasha Boon says her family will always keep flower stall even if she 'goes massive'

Thursday, 20th September 2018 — By Helen Chapman

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Natasha Boon impressed Robbie Williams

A SINGING florist is looking to crack the music industry after wowing the judges on The X Factor.

Customers and passers-by are getting behind Natasha Boon, who works at the stall near Kentish Town tube station, after she passed her first audition on the TV talent show.

Natasha Boon gives us a song at her stall near Kentish Town tube

The 26-year-old, who is due to appear in the next round of the competition on Saturday evening, said: “When I’m at the flower stall I always randomly burst out into song. So when I walked on stage, and I felt so nervous, I thought to myself ‘just imagine you’re at the stall in Kentish Town – my territory, where I belong’.”

She sang her version of James Arthur’s Impossible to a standing ovation and a “yes” from all four judges, including Robbie Williams and Simon Cowell. Ms Boon added: “Simon Cowell was the one I wanted to impress. He could change my life in a blink. He’s the top geezer. Afterwards I was in tears of happiness and I told him ‘I just want to say thanks’ and he told me ‘you deserve it.’”

She was persuaded to enter The X Factor competition by her friend, radio DJ Phil Clifton. “I know him as a pal at the stall,” said Ms Boon, “I said ‘I haven’t got the guts to go on X Factor’ but he said ‘yes you have – you stand here and shout two for a fiver’.”

Ms Boon was born at the Royal Free Hospital, and grew up in Queen’s Crescent attending St Dominic Catholic Primary School. She performed at Camden schools concert at the Royal Albert Hall when she was 11.

“It was the only thing I was good at,” said Ms Boon. “I thought I can do that, and I can do that well. I remember being well chuffed when I sang my solo. It was my bit. From that, I came alive.”

Natasha’s stunning performance in her audition

She added: “I love Robbie Williams – he’s an idol, he’s the best entertainer and he’s personable. He came round the back afterwards and said ‘you are a star’.”

The stall, Natasha’s Flowers, was handed down to her by her aunt, Donna Brunt, who died in 2014 from a heart attack at age 47.

When asked what would happen to the stall if she becomes famous through her singing, Ms Boon said: “I would keep it and let my family run it because it was passed to me through family. And I think I would always still be involved. I would find it hard to come away from it. If I go massive, then by all means I could start thinking about handing trading over to a cousin but until then, I’m still here.”

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