Christine, 88, injured on wonky paving

Origin and Camden Council say each other is responsible

Thursday, 11th November 2021 — By Tom Foot

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Christine Afolabi and the paving stone

AN 88-year-old retired teacher suffered serious injuries after tripping on a wonky paving stone.

Christine Afolabi was rushed to A&E after the fall on her way home to Robert Morton House retirement home in South Hampstead.

Her son Segun Afolabi said: “She is 88 but she has always been quite mobile and very independent. “That day she had been out with friends to Osterley Park [west London]. She would be out about every day but now she is worried.

“She’s been shaken up. She had to go to A&E and then also the Western Eye Hospital. “She fell and hurt one side of her head and that caused a subconjunc­tival haemorrhage.

“She had bleeding in one eye, her knee was dislodged and she has a splint on her arm.”

He added: “I’ve spoken to the residents there and although nobody has tripped recently, people say there has been a problem with that paving stone for many years.”

Ms Afolabi lived in Swiss Cottage for decades before moving into the home in Robert Morton House.

Camden Council responded yesterday (Wednesday) to say the paving stone was not its responsibility and to contact Origin Housing for a response.

Origin responded late last night to say it believed the stone was the responsibility of the council, adding: “We’re aware of an incident where one of our residents at Robert Morton House fell over on Thursday evening on Rowley Way.

“Our scheme manager has spoken with the resident several times and confirmed they are back in their home and feeling better each day following their overnight hospital visit.”

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