Chinese challenge for young footballers

Friday, 26th July 2019 — By Steve Barnett

Chinese Tour Footy

Kentish Town Football Academy’s Teddy Head (left) with Beijing New Talent Academy’s Zhang Wei Wei ahead of the teams’ match

YOUNGSTERS from across Camden and Islington have been welcoming a new team to the youth football scene.

A travelling squad of young players from China are in the midst of taking part in a series of friendlies against local sides, including Pro Touch SA, who organised the tour, Just Play, who are based in Highgate, and Kentish Town Football Academy.

“My players couldn’t believe that a team had come all the way from China to play them,” said Kentish Town coach Tom Looney following their match against Beijing New Talent Academy on Thursday at Cantelowes Sports Pitch in Camden Town.

“We have played a few teams in Belgium but this was a whole new experience for our players and they loved it. We didn’t keep scores or anything, it was all about fun and football.”

There has also been action off the pitch, with the six to 10-year-olds from Beijing New Talent Academy also getting in a spot of sightseeing, visiting Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

Check our sports pages next week to find out how the Beijing New Talent Academy got on against some of the top teams from Camden and Islington.

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