Celebs join social media appeal and help Martha get her lost art back!

A-level coursework is rescued

Friday, 18th February — By Isabelle Stanley

Untitled design (57)

Martha Cohen and one of her artworks which was lost on a bus 

NOT many students have their A-level art shared by Alastair Campbell, Susanna Reid and Jon Snow, but one girl’s hunt for her portfolio went viral last week after she left it on the 390 bus.

Martha Cohen, a 16-year-old student at Camden School for Girls, lost her art folder last Wednesday.

She took four buses that day but she was certain it was on the 390 bus between Torriano Avenue and Tufnell Park.  Her mother, Anna Mishcon, put out a call on Twitter under the hashtag #brokenarted to find the folder and it was retweeted nearly 12,000 times.

Celebrities and news outlets (including the New Journal) spread the word, but the real stars were Dinesh Bhudia and Nas Mujadidy from Metroline.  Mr Bhudia and Mr Mujadidy searched high and low for the work, scanning CCTV and tracking it across the city.

Ms Mishcon said: “They said they couldn’t go into details yet but it had been all over London.”  She added: “I pestered Mr Bhudia nearly every day and he went along with it, and then this morning he called and said can you go to this garage to get it?” Ms Cohen was over the moon when she got it back. If it hadn’t been returned, she might have had to redo all of the work which took her six months to do.”

Ms Mishcon said: “Twitter can be a pretty nasty place but there was so much compassion and kindness.” One man wrote a song about the saga, while the British Film Designers Guild was so impressed with the pictures of her work they told her to get in touch if she was ever interested in film design

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