Can you give Bollo a loving home?

Cat needs a stress free home

Thursday, 5th September 2019 — By Samantha Booth

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Bollo is looking for a low-stress home

A LAP CAT who has spent more than 100 days in care is looking for a new home, writes Samantha Booth.

Jen Harris, deputy manager at Cats Protection North London Adoption Centre, said they find middle-aged black and white cats tend to get “overlooked” more than others.

Combined with nine-year-old Bollo’s previous urinary problems, they think that’s why they are struggling to find her a home.

She spent 106 days at another of the charity’s shelters before moving to the north London centre nearly 50 days ago.

Ms Harris said: “Bollo came into care with toileting problems, the previous owner felt that this had started when they had some building work done and their vet advised that it was probably stress-related and may have also been connected to the presence of other cats in the neighbourhood. She is looking for a low-stress home with direct access to a garden, without other pets or young children.”

The moggy has had surgery on bladder stones and despite being well at the moment, a new owner would need to be vigilant in case they return.

She is currently living in the staff office area of the Junction Road cattery, with Ms Harris adding: “She loves to get involved in what we’re doing so she often comes to keep us company when we’re having our lunch or making drinks. She’s a real lap cat and loves a cuddle.”

Call the centre on 020 7272 6048.

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