Camden needs to follow the Tories’ lead on installing electric charging points

Thursday, 22nd March 2018

• I WAS pleased the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on electric cars was welcomed to Belsize Village on Saturday to endorse Camden Conservatives’ plan to install 2,000 electric car charging points across Camden.

This is a policy the council is in desperate need of adopting. It’s great to have the backing of Dame Cheryl Gillan, the MP leading on electric cars; she also happens to be the MP leading the opposition to HS2.

Since 2010 the UK has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by a quarter; twice as much as France and six times as much as Germany. Nonetheless air pollution is stubbornly high in urban areas like Camden, and that’s down to vehicle exhausts.

It doesn’t need to be this way. The government gives a 75 per cent grant towards installing charging points for electric cars: which produce no carbon dioxide, no nitrogen oxides, and less than half as much particulate matter. But instead of bidding for funds to install hundreds or thousands of charging points, Camden sadly has plans for just 33.

Conservative-run Wandsworth Council is looking to install car charging points for residents’ use in every lamp post in the borough. By using lamp posts, they reduce costs to just £250 per charger.

That’s real leadership on air quality from a council, and a lead that Camden should follow. Camden Conservatives have set up a petition at to call for more charging points and are pushing to install 2,000 in lamp-posts across our borough. As the Friends of the Earth slogan goes: think global, act local.

Conservative, Hampstead Town ward

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