Camden do not care about vulnerable, ill, elderly people

Thursday, 15th March 2018

• IT does not surprise me Camden Council have closed down the Netherwood Centre for dementia sufferers.

My dad has dementia. Living in a council flat he is slowly starting to lose all his rights as a tenant. His repairs are not being done properly. I’m disgusted by it.

He’s been a council tenant in Camden for 26 years and as his carers have seen the way he’s been treated. The council do not care about vulnerable, ill, elderly people.

They recently had scaffolders in who left my dad with a broken window. It still is and nobody apologised.

I rang the repairs to get it fixed and waited two weeks for their in-house glazier, only to be accused of breaking the window ourselves and treated like criminals while I had to try and get proof of emails that the scaffolding company did it. He has still got a broken window.

They do not care. The housing officer does not reply to emails. The complaints system does not reply. It’s just a waste of time. If you complain they say go into a nursing home.

They do not understand that people who are ill are still human beings who wish to remain independent and in their own homes for as long as possible but the council are now making it impossible for that to happen.

They are discriminating against old, mentally ill, and sick, people instead of doing their job properly and helping.

Just don’t get ill, disabled, or old in Camden. Beware. There is no common sense or compassion.

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