‘Boris not a factor': MP Tom Tugendhat joins Tories on doorstep campaign in Primrose Hill

Conservatives target Primrose Hill

Friday, 4th March — By Richard Osley

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The Conservatives in Fitzroy Road on Monday morning

A POTENTIAL future leader of the Conservative Party joined Tories aiming to gain council seats in Primrose Hill on Monday.

MP Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the House of Commons’ Foreign Affairs Select Committee, spent an hour knocking on doors close to Fitzroy Road.

The former soldier said in January that he would be ready to throw his hat into the ring if a leadership contest emerged – comments he made while Boris Johnson was engulfed ongoing questions about lockdown parties at Downing Street.

The chair of the House of Commons’ Foreign Affairs Select Committee with a leaflet about bins

Speaking to the New Journal, Mr Tugendhat said he did not think Mr Johnson’s performance or the headlines around the Covid rules would put people off voting for the Tories at Camden’s local elections in May.

“I think it’s always important that national parties should be very careful not to undermine what the local party is doing,” he said.

“And for those of us who are very locally focused, it’s absolutely essential that nothing we do embarrasses our local team.”

But he added: “If you knock on doors, you hear a whole range of things. Some people are concerned about their immediate lives, they are concerned about bins and buses, other people are concerned about Ukraine.

“It’s all these things mixed together and one of the reason canvassing is so important. You’ve got to listen to people. The reality is people vote locally. The old line that all politics is local is certainly true here.

“We’ve just been on a doorstep where a lady was talking about splitting her vote: voting, nationally for Labour, but definitely voting Conservative locally and not a fan of the mayor [Sadiq Khan] and not a fan of the council.”

Camden is using a new voting map with the Conservatives hoping to benefit from Primrose Hill being split from Camden Town; the sitting Labour councillors are moving to stand in the latter.

The Conservative candidates in Primrose Hill are Alex Andrews, Alexandra Marsanu and Pierre Andrews, while Labour have announced Anna Burrage, Ajok Athian and Matt Cooper will be on the ballot paper for them.

Election day is on May 5.

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