John Gulliver: Bob Davenport’s pitch perfect 90th

And a special message from Gateshead FC

Monday, 13th June

Bob Davenport

Bob Davenport at his 90th birthday bash in Bloomsbury surrounded by his friends and family

IT’S 90 not out for Bob Davenport who celebrated his birthday with friends and family.

One of the stars of the folk scene since the 1960s, he once performed without amplification at the Royal Albert Hall.

Outside the Brunswick estate, where he has lived for decades, he sang Mickey Mouse, Beeswing and September Song.

And I gather Bob was moved to tears on receiving a special message from players of his beloved Gateshead FC, following their recent promotion to the national league.

Striker Adam Campbell, goalie Filip Marshall and captain Greg Olley each filmed happy birthday messages.

And his daughter Katharine told me: “We sat outside the Renoir (as I still call it!) under the canopy chatting for hours with my husband and our dad’s grandchildren. He was really happy and it was a perfect day.”

Bob’s family friends Debbie and Susan from The Cookie Crew and Susan’s son Eisah also came as a surprise.

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