Big blue butterfly spotted in Hampstead ‘won't have survived the night'

Wednesday, 10th September 2014


BIG, bright and blue – but apparently doomed – here’s an exotic-looking visitor who made a surprise appearance in Hampstead on Tuesday afternoon.

The eye-catching butterfly had passersby reaching for their cameraphones after appearing in South End Green.

The snaps above were taken by Conservative election agent David Douglas, whose office is nearby. “There were four of us following it down Fleet Road with iPhones,” he said. 

“Ask your readers what type it is – it’s nicer than the snakes in Camden Town.”  

In response to a New Journal tweet, we were quoted that it might be an Adonis Blue or a 

Chalkhill Blue. But last night there was a warning that, rather than being a delightful sign of a diversifying NW3, the visitor’s tale may have an unhappy ending.

James Leigh, founder of the Camden Butterfly Trust, said: “It is not a native species, it is too big for that. It has probably escaped from an exotic butterfly park, one with indoor heating. It could be from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it won’t survive the night as it is too cold for it and there’s no nectar available.”

As part of the Bring Back the Butterflies campaign, Mr Leigh is urging Camden residents to get involved in conservation projects to create better habitats for the declining butterfly population. 

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