Belsize village is not a business

Thursday, 11th March

Belsize wheelie bins

Wheelie bins, spilling over with refuse and rotting food in Belsize Village

• SO the public consultation for the return of the Belsize village streatery is imminent.

Why reinstate this feature once lockdown is lifted and we can begin to return to some form of normality?

Contrary to all the hype posted on social media, this was never about community. Community projects, as a rule, are there to serve the community, not patronage from outside our borough and beyond!

There are already 11 restaurants/cafés in this small village, situated virtually side by side. There is but one open space in the village centre. I fail to grasp the logic of using this space for yet another dining area.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have this space put to more aesthetic use, such as a community garden where residents could sit and relax and children play safely?

It is not up to this community to bail out the restaurants, that is the job of government. Everyone has suffered as the result of the pandemic.

Belsize village is not a “business”. It has no physical premises. The streatery is but a temporary street licence.

To circulate continuous propaganda under the name “Belsize Village” surely implies that this represents the community as a whole. It does not.

If the notion of “revitalisation” is realised in the form intrusive rows of wheelie bins, spilling over with refuse (see picture above) and rotting food waste, this is a feat worthy of contempt.

Time to quash the myth and maybe build a sustainable green area which reflects the true ethics of our borough.

Belsize Park Gardens, NW3

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