‘Attack on democracy': Brexit supporter jailed for hitting Corbyn with egg in Finsbury Park

Jeremy Corbyn considers increasing security after he was egged by a Brexit supporter

Tuesday, 26th March 2019 — By Calum Fraser

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The moment John Murphy hit Jeremy Corbyn with an egg in the Muslim Welfare Centre

A BREXIT supporter who hit Jeremy Corbyn with an egg has been jailed, as the judge called his actions an ‘attack on democracy.’

John Murphy, 31, of Barnet, pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to 28 days in prison after smashing an egg over the Labour party leader’s head at the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park.

Mr Corbyn said in his victim impact statement that he and his family were “shocked” and “distressed” by the attack and his office are now “reviewing and increasing [his] security protection.”

Mr Corbyn had been visiting the Finsbury Park Mosque on March 3 for an open day before he crossed the road to enter the Muslim Welfare House, Westminister Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

He was sitting with the centre’s chief executive Toufik Kacimi when Murphy walked over to him and slammed the egg “very aggressively” on his head.

Murphy’s face was “contorted with anger” according to Mr Corbyn’s account of events and he kept shouting “respect the vote.”

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at Christchurch attack vigil yards from where he was hit with the egg 

The prosecution pushed for the attack to be considered as a category two assault, which would have carried a high level community order as the maximum sentencing possible.

The defending lawyer, Malik Aldeiri, argued that it should be considered as a category three assault, which typically results in a fine.

But chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot ignored both suggestions and raised it to a category one assault, which could result in a 26-month prison sentence.

She said: “In my words an attack like this is an attack on the democratic process. This is a public servant and attacks on MPs must stop. The message must go out – this must stop.”

Murphy did not show any remorse in his actions, according to judge Arbuthnot.

Murphy released a statement after the sentencing saying he was “happy to go to jail.”

He added: “If MPs continue to block Brexit I will lead the biggest civil disobedience campaign this country has ever seen.”

His mother Sarah Murphy said she was “totally shocked” by the sentencing.

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