Ask the people about the effects of noise and pollution

Friday, 13th May

• YOU reported on the 25,000 more HS2 lorry journeys taking away waste from the construction and demolition sites around Regent’s Park and Euston.

This will make the lives of Camden residents even harder and more polluted. This didn’t happen with Crossrail, so why is it acceptable to do it here?

Is it because the high proportion of residents who are council tenants are getting less respect and care from HS2?

No one is independently recording the levels of pollution, noise and the health impact. The only study doing this is wholly funded by HS2 so has clear conflict of interest. HS2 most certainly cannot be trusted to be honest about it.

HS2 funded, Imperial College is to survey a few people, a small sample. How can this research take into account the drastically increased pollution HS2 intends to inflict on Camden residents?

Will the handful of people surveyed demonstrate the scale of impact and where are publicly available independent accurate measurements of pollution and noise levels?

Camden Council should be undertaking this and widely surveying its residents. But isn’t.

Everyone in the affected areas needs to be asked about the impact of pollution and noise on physical and mental health. The impact on respiratory disease will be hugely damaging.

Police have responded to desperate residents with night-time disturbances; residents have been featured in the CNJ regarding noise, visible dust, lack of or inadequate, or non-functioning insulation, in some cases causing further problems such as stifling heat gain with triple-glazing.

Residents have had to argue for back-up batteries for generators. Residents have been forced to move out of the area. The contempt for residents who are not multimillionaire relatives of those in government is palpable.

The human cost of HS2’s belligerence will take decades to be exposed, by which time it’s too late. No one in this money-ripping corpulently corrupt company will ever be held to account.


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