As the suffragettes found, asking nicely gets you nowhere

Thursday, 4th August

• AS we braced ourselves for new record temperatures of 40°C, the chief scientific officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, delivered a briefing to warn MPs of the dangers of the climate emergency.

In my capacity as a scientist and constituent, I wrote to Sir Keir Starmer urging him to attend the briefing. Weeks later I received a reply from his staff informing me he chose not to.

The email accused the government of failing to act on climate, yet the leader of the Opposition demonstrated by his non-attendance that he is no more committed to this than they are.

Citizens are desperate, watching as our planet is destroyed and nobody in power acts to protect us.

Insultingly, the response included a link to the briefing and facts about climate change so I could educate myself about the unfolding catastrophe.

I suppose nobody read my email, which clearly stated my scientific background and acute awareness of the situation, the very basis of my request.

As the suffragettes found, asking nicely gets you nowhere. When you see climate activists attempting to be noticed and desperately pleading for survival, please understand that this is why such a last resort is necessary.

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