Anti-vaxxers stage demos at Camden schools and leaflet pupils

Pupils 'collared' as they leave for the day

Monday, 11th October 2021

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Camden’s health chief Labour councillor Pat Callaghan

POLICE have dealt with demonstrations by anti-vaxxers targeting Camden’s secondary schools as teenagers became eligible for a Covid vaccine.

In the latest stage of the UK’s vaccination programme, children aged between 12 to 15 are being being offered the jab, but pupils have been leafleted at the school gates.

Watch the update at Camden’s full council meeting

Labour education chief Councillor Angela Mason told tonight’s (Monday’s) full council meeting that the protests were “absolutely disgraceful”.

She added: “I don’t know if people know there have been a number of demonstrations by anti-vaxxers at our secondary schools. I’m glad to say I think now we have worked out a good protocol with police who will intervene quite quickly to stop it.”

“It’s absolutely disgraceful that young people have been handed out leaflets and collared as they leave school. In the face of that, I think our schools are again stepping up, as they have done throughout the Covid pandemic, to try and ensure as many young people take up the offer of vaccinations.

“Our schools are in a slightly difficult position because the issues of consent that have to be respected, but they’re doing their best, although I understand there are some operational issues about vaccines actually being available in the time in a timely manner.”

Councillor Angela Mason

The meeting also heard that there had been a march by anti-vaxxers in Tottenham Court Road, Bloomsbury. There was also a demonstration in Camden Town last month which has been condemned by councillors.

Camden’s health chief Councillor Pat Callaghan told the meeting: “You know, you just think have aliens come down and sort of swooped into these people and taken the grey cells out? Because vaccinations over the years have saved so many people. And yet there is a lot of fake news.

“I don’t go on social media myself, but I believe it’s full of fake news about what can happen with vaccines. On one occasion, a young woman was filmed having a vaccine, and it was purported to be that she died about two minutes later. That was absolutely fake news.”

On the protests outside Camden’s schools, she added: “I’m really shocked to hear that people are going outside schools and are having demos against the vaccine. The vaccine has been one of the most wonderful things we’ve had.

“I wouldn’t be here without a vaccine. I’d definitely not be alive and breathing and a lot of people my age wouldn’t be without vaccines. Vaccines are magic.”

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