Alexandra Sufit chosen as Labour candidate for Hampstead Town by-election

Residents head back to the polls on July 7

Tuesday, 7th June — By Richard Osley

sufit cohen

Alex Sufit with Adrian Cohen at the boroughwide elections count in the early hours of May 8

LABOUR has selected Alexandra Sufit as their candidate for the Hampstead Town by-election next month.

A three-way contest is opening up for the seat left vacant by Adrian Cohen, the local politics history maker who became the first Labour winner in the ward in May before deciding he could not commit to four years a councillor.

Ms Sufit had also polled well at the boroughwide elections and only Mr Cohen and long-serving Tory councillor Stephen Stark got more votes.

The Conservatives are fielding Alex Andrews, while the Lib Dems selected Linda Chung for the fresh ballot. The Greens did not have a candidate in Hampstead Town at the recent council elections but may select one this time.

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