Aftermath of those tweets

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

• SO the borough solicitor has “decided” it does not make sense to use public money on an investigation into the chief whip’s tweeting scam.

Camden Council, of course, has an aversion to any such investigations; two current examples being the Chalcots £230million bungled refurbishment project and the missing Talacre £4million overage payment.

However there is also a major issue for the national Labour Party.

A party friend of mine, who had worked long and hard for many years campaigning in Camden for Labour candidates in elections, was suspended for five years from the party for the “offence” of signing the nomination papers for a Green council candidate.

I understand that Lazzaro Pietragnoli had tweeted promoting the idea of voting Green.

Hopefully somebody from the Camden Labour Party has now reported him to the disciplinary committee of the national executive of the Labour Party.

Surely the chief whip was well aware that promoting another political party was against the rules. My friend only realised his offence after he had signed the nomination papers.

Does it make sense to use Labour Party members’ subscriptions to investigate Mr Pietragnoli’s apparent violation of party rules, or will it be brushed under the carpet, as in the council?

My friend, who is still serving his five years suspension sentence, will no doubt be interested to know.


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