Adult social care concerns

Thursday, 7th October 2021

• THOSE needing adult social care are being failed by the system and Camden Council is shown as one of the worst offending authorities in a report from the ombudsman published last week.

Some 86 per cent of complaints against Camden were upheld over the year to April – compared with an average of 72 per cent upheld in similar authorities.

And Camden’s response to such complaints was considered satisfactory in 92 per cent of cases as against a 99 per cent average in similar authorities.

Any compliance rate below 100 per cent is considered to be a cause for concern by the local government & social care ombudsman.

In 6 per cent of upheld cases the ombudsman found that Camden had provided a satisfactory remedy before the complaint reached the ombudsman compared with an average of 12 per cent in similar authorities.

Undoubtedly the period under review saw unprecedented challenges for councils in the form of prolonged budget and demand pressures and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. But these were the same for all London boroughs.

It is to be hoped that Camden Council will reflect on its performance and plan how it is to improve in the above areas in the future.

Visually Impaired in Camden

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