Accused tells the Old Bailey: ‘I’m too scared to say who was in murder car’

Two men on trial

Friday, 14th February 2020 — By Samantha Booth

Old Bailey

A YOUNG man on trial for the murder of a teenager in Kentish Town says he is “too scared” to name two people who were inside the car alleged to be involved in the killing.

Anuoluwa Temenu, 20, is facing a retrial at the Old Bailey on charges of wounding, attempted wounding and the murder of Abdikarim Hassan in Bartholomew Road back in February 2018. The 18-year-old victim was one of two people stabbed to death in one of Camden’s bloodiest nights of violence.

Mr Temenu denies any involvement but asked in court by prosecutors to say who he thought the driver and front seat passenger of a car at the scene were, he told the court: “For the safety of my family’s life I cannot say who. I want to tell you but I cannot.” He added if he gave out names “there will be a target on my back”.

Mr Temenu claims he had no knowledge attacks were going to take place that night and thought they were going to a vigil for Lewis Blackman – a former Acland Burghley student killed in west London days earlier – at the Peckwater estate. Asked about a CCTV image of a man at the scene of another stabbing that night, Mr Temenu said: “He looks nothing like me, he can’t be me.”

Also on trial is 19-year-old Godwin Lunghy, who is charged with the murder of Sadiq Mohamed, 20, in Malden Road on the same evening. He also denies any involvement.

Mr Lunghy, a former pupil at St Aloysius in Archway who had moved to Tottenham, claimed he felt “pressure to go and do something” after Mr Blackman’s death. The teenager claims he was at vigil and said the atmosphere was “jumpy”.

He said a group “wanted us to go and look for the boys who killed” Mr Blackman.

Asked whether he wanted any part of it by his defence barrister Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC, he replied: “No.” Ms Bennett-Jenkins said: “Did you understand how people on the estate were going to look for or find those who killed Lewis?”

Mr Lunghy responded: “Yes they were talking about getting in a van. People were asking me. That’s why I went to the shop and sloped away sort of.”  Mr Lunghy said he then gave his coat and scarf to one of the group before leaving for his girlfriend’s house in Hampstead.

He said: “There were boys on the estate who did not want to go in their own clothes so asked for mine.” Mr Lunghy then said he met up with two men later on and was given a bag of clothes which included his jacket. Mr Lunghy said he went t

o France after the deaths because his mother wanted him to be away from violence in the area.

The prosecution accuse him of joining others in a van, which left the Peckwater estate, and are alleged to have carried out disorder and violence in Hackney and Camden. The last incident saw Mr Mohamed chased, dragged from a parked car he sought refuge in and stabbed repeatedly.

Two other men were convicted of Mr Mo­hamed’s murder at a trial last year. One of them was also convicted of the man­slaughter of Mr Hassan.  The trial continues.

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