A year on from estate scaffolding being put up, there’s still no sign of any work

'If they were paying themselves, they wouldn’t be doing this'

Thursday, 5th May — By Isabelle Stanley

Danny Bouve with the scaffolding on RP estate

Danny Bouve at the Regent’s Park Estate

ONE year, £350,000 of taxpayers’ money and numerous complaints about women’s safety later, scaffolding is still wrapped around the Regent’s Park estate with no work having been carried out.

The poles have created dark tunnels around the estate’s entrances and covered the lower floors’ windows for a year.

Camden said it is up to protect residents from falling masonry, but no schedule of works has been provided.

Danny Bouve, who has complained about the scaffolding every week since it was put up, said if someone had told him at the start it would be there for a year, he would never have believed them.

“What have they done in this year? Does it take a year to come up with a plan?” he said.

“I haven’t seen anyone hanging on cables checking the building, no one has knocked on our doors checking our windows.”

Mr Bouve added: “The council is not paying for the scaffolding, it’s the taxpayers at the end of the day. If they were paying themselves, they wouldn’t be doing this.”

In the year it’s been up, residents have only been sent two letters and have never been given an estimate for when it will be removed. In February, the council said they were carrying out a detailed survey, and that a report would be published in a few weeks, but this document has yet to appear.

Two months ago, on a safety walkabout, young women on the estate told Holborn and St Pancras MP Sir Keir Starmer that the dark tunnels created by the scaffolding were dangerous and made them afraid.

A Camden Council spokesperson said the scaffolding “was erected as a result of a report of a potential risk of falling materials from the buildings” and that it was now ready to get contractors in for specialist repair work.

“The first stage of the repair works will start on completion of the tendering process, which the council anticipate will be this summer,” they said.

“These specialist repairs are complex and require the council to ensure that a thorough tender process is undertaken to identify the most suitable contractors to take forward this project.

“Once it has further details of who will be undertaking these and when they will be starting, it will update all residents as a matter of urgency.”

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