£100 if you reunite Marnie with Pin Pin

Toy was lost in Primrose Hill

Thursday, 21st April — By Tom Foot

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Pin Pin

A £100 reward has been posted for the safe return of a child’s favourite teddy, writes Tom Foot. Penguin Pin Pin vanished in Primrose Hill on Saturday, leaving parents in a tailspin.

Five-year-old Marnie is hoping the soft play pal she has had since birth will come home in an Easter miracle.

Mum Lauren Allen, 33, said: “We’ve explained to her that it’s like in Toy Story 4 when Bo Peep and Woody make lost toy friends. We’ve told her Pin Pin will be having a nice time. But she is expecting him to come back. “I’ve got to get it back otherwise we won’t be able to sleep at night.”

She said her husband had decided on the £100 reward, adding: “I was like, are you sure? But he said it’s worth that much to get it back.”

She added: “We do have a replacement, but she knows it’s not Pin Pin. The smell and feel of him is different, Pin Pin is floppy from age. She has had him since she was newborn. It’s a Marks & Spencer teddy that they don’t make anymore – they discontinued it the year she was born.”

The family had been up in Camden Town from south London for an Easter egg trail and only realised Pin Pin was missing once they got to London Bridge station. Lauren came back on Tuesday and searched the park, walking nine miles around the area and posting signs.

She said: “Marnie was playing around a set of trees, in one particular bush that had a tunnel, near the Primrose Hill Road and Regent’s Park Road entrance. We don’t think Pin Pin left the park.

“We’d come up to Camden Town for a mooch around, really. We had grabbed some lunch and sat in the park. We were taking pics at the summit and she didn’t have Pin Pin in her hand there.

“She always has it in her hands. It’s funny, that morning I had looked at her and she had it in her arms and I thought that for some reason I don’t feel like you should be bringing it that day.”

Ms Allen said she still had her Piggy pig from childhood that had one ear chewed off by her dog.

Her husband also had his teddy, Ted.

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