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Why wasn’t there an all-women shortlist for the Labour leadership?

23 January, 2020

• HOW can Sir Keir Starmer unite the Labour Party nationally when he cannot even unify his own constituency party? We are constantly hearing stories from his members of strife, friction and feelings of exclusion.

Look at the record. Sir Keir was the chief architect of Labour’s disastrous Brexit policy in the election which led to the loss of over 50 seats in “leave” areas, in contrast to the 2017 election when Labour promised to honour the referendum result.

Also, being so London centric, he is not going to appeal to voters in the north nor the midlands either. Isn’t it long past time for Labour to be led by a woman, who would attract more women voters.

Why hasn’t the party arranged for an all-women shortlist for the election of leader, as it does for (some) constituency MPs?

At least one candidate is everything that Sir Keir is not. Members would do well to elect Rebecca Long-Bailey together with Richard Burgon as leader and deputy leader. They would make a great team to continue Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy.



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