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Why let facts get in the way of a good old moan?

24 September, 2020

Cllr Oliver Cooper

• WHENEVER Camden or the mayor come up with schemes to improve the life of pedestrians and cyclists you can be sure Cllr Oliver Cooper, the paladin of the motor car, will pop up with ferocious opposition.

Losing six parking spots in Well Walk? Outrageous! “Old” people having to walk up the hill? Unthinkable!

He then finds a few people who think the less than £200 a year they pay gives them a God-given right to park on public soil outside their front gate and, hey presto, he claims widespread fury and indignation to the scheme, (Demand for secrecy is unacceptable, September 17).

Meanwhile the majority of residents who don’t own a car and would dearly love less congestion and better air quality are completely sidelined.

His survey must be very scientific indeed. We have not received it and I don’t know anybody who has; but, hey, why let facts get in the way of a good old moan?



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