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When it comes to emptying bins, council estates matter

23 January, 2020

• RESIDENTS on Camden Council’s housing estates pay an additional charge for rubbish collection above their council tax charge.

My personal addition is £21.16 for 2019-2020. I can never find out why this charge is levied. However, though we pay more we seem to get a lesser service.

In the past month Veolia have failed to empty the bins on the allocated day three times, taking into account the Christmas season changes. They again failed to empty our bins on Friday January 17 and the bins are overflowing.

When 80 households have to use communal bins, the area given over to rubbish bins being no greater than when the flats were built in the early 1950s, missed collections cause a problem.

Veolia operatives on the phone can never give an answer as to when missed collections will be collected. I think they think council estates don’t matter as much as private housing.

So, Veolia, please collect our bins on time and Camden Council, please enforce Veolia’s contract obligations.

West End Lane, NW6


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