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We must question what the police say

03 April, 2020

Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli

• CAMDEN’S most senior police officer bemoaned the existence of “people who don’t understand how important it is to stay inside, people who think they’re a key worker or think they’re exempt – like a plumber who is going to a job because someone’s central heating is broken might think they’re exempt”, (Top cop’s lockdown warning, March 26).

My father is 83 years old and vulnerable. Which would be really more dangerous for him, the certainty of living in a home without any sort of heating for the next several months or the possibility of catching coronavirus by getting too close to an asymptomatic plumber?

Your readers may not be aware if they have been observing the lockdown, but this week night-time temperatures have been falling regularly to just two degrees above freezing.

We really must question the sense of any statement made by police. Ultimately their authority is undermined and the community withdraws consent.

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